Macramé: Creative Design in Knotting (Book Review)

Macramé: Creative Design in Knotting (Old Book Review / published 1971)

Macramé: Creative Design in Knotting (published 1971), provides everything the novice or expert needs to know about one of the world's oldest and most satisfying art forms. Directions for making jewelry, sculptures, wall hangings, vests, skirts, bottle covers, belts, purses, lampshade covers, and ponchos.

 Without needles, hooks, or complicated tools, the student of Macrame can produce beautiful, artistic, or functional objects easily and enjoyably. Quickly learned and mastered with comparatively little practice, Macrame has achieved widespread popularity among young people as well as adults.

  Using string, twine, yarn, rope, and other cords, the Macrame enthusiast can consult Dona Meilach's book for directions for making such varied treasures as jewelry, sculptures, wall hangings, vests, skirts, bottle covers, belts, purses, lampshade covers, and ponchos. With step-by-step photographs and instructions, the author shows you simple introductory materials - the two basic knots, the Square Knot and the Clove Hitch - with directions for doing simple though complicated-appearing procedures.

  She provides source ideas for Macrame designs, instructions for transposing them into specific projects, and hundreds of photographs of finished Macrame pieces by leading artists and craftsmen to serve as inspiration.

  The book begins with the historical back-ground of Macrame, shows early examples, and explains its popular revival. There are special chapters on auxiliary knots used in Macrame design, mixing Macrame with various other art media and techniques, fashions and accessories, Macrame furnishings, and a listing of where to buy the supplies you will need.

  MACRAME: CREATIVE DESIGN IN KNOTTING is a clearly written, extensively illustrated how-to book that will delight all arts-and-crafts buffs, serious artists, hobbyists, teachers, students, and home decorators. It is for the fashion conscious, the inveterate knitting fan, people interested in needlework and crocheting, as well as those who enjoy exploring a new creative outlet. And Dona Meilach's authoritative approach makes it the best book on the subject for the novice or the expert.

DONA Z. MEILACH is the author of many other hooks on art including Direct Metal Sculpture, Contemporary Art with Wood, Contemporary Stone Sculpture, and Papier-Mache Artistry.