The Craft of Macramé (Book Review)

The Craft of Macramé (published in 1972) Old Book Review

The Craft of Macramé (published in 1972) is a complete guide to the basic techniques of this artistic skill. After becoming familiar with the materials and knots, the beginner can progress to making belts, necklaces, hangings, bags, and other useful decorative pieces. More experienced craftspersons will enjoy many unusual designs.

"A lovely introduction to macrame, proceeding from the simplest overhand and square knots to intricately textured combinations incorporating beads, feathers, and shells." — Kirkus Reviews

[The Craft of Macrame] has directions and good illustrations of the basic knots as well as patterns for traditional belts, jewelry, wall hangings, purses and so forth.... Excellent for the novice." — Minneapolis Tribune

HELENE BRESS is one of the country's foremost weavers and the author of The Weaving Book. She has conducted workshops on natural dyeing, macrame, and inkle weaving for many weaving guilds and craft organizations. Her demonstrations and lectures on weaving and spinning for the Division of Textiles at the Smithsonian Institution continue to be a popular attraction.